The Pro Bono Collaborative Divorce Program offered In New Hampshire

Easing the Difficult Divorce Process

The New Hampshire Collaborative Divorce Pro Bono Program is a free and confidential service offered to individuals who are going through a divorce and cannot afford a lawyer.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Protects Children

Resolving your disputes respectfully will protect your children from the risk of serious emotional harm

Provides Privacy

Maintain your privacy during your divorce – you and your spouse make all decisions outside of the public court system

Allows Self-Determination

Empowers the parties to make their own divorce decisions rather than a judge or someone else

Saves Time & Money

Save considerable time and money – most cases resolve in far less time than it takes to complete a litigated divorce

Trained Attorneys

Each party has his or her own collaborative lawyer who is 100% committed to settlement and the collaborative process

Professional Resources

In addition to two lawyers, you work with the support of neutral professionals to help with the financial and emotional aspects of divorce