Required now: Deposit to confirm your spot.

This confirms your spot and you will be offered your first appointment within a week of receipt of your deposit.


50% deposit required for HMT ($150)


50% deposit required for MBSR ($200) (insurance reimbursable)


First Couple Session is +2 hours ($200)

The remaining total for HMT ($150) and MBSR ($200) and Couple sessions can be paid at the time of service. Couple weekly sessions are $150 per session.

Once your deposit is received you will get an email with further instructions and paperwork to complete. 

Congratulations on making this big step to a happier and more peaceful relationship!

Thank you for your application and I look forward to working with you.

Payment Options


PayPal details:

Payment through Venmo:

 Scan the QR Code and Make the Payment

Office voicemail

You can also leave a message, if you prefer to use your credit card, on the office voicemail (secured) with your credit card details.