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At Eftpllc, we understand that divorce can be emotionally challenging, but it doesn’t have to be adversarial. As your dedicated collaborative divorce resource in New Hampshire, USA, we are here to guide you through this difficult time with empathy, expertise, and support.

Eftpllc is a leading provider of collaborative divorce services in New Hampshire, USA. Our mission is to help individuals and families navigate the divorce process amicably, focusing on mutual respect, open communication, and peaceful resolution.

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Collaborative Divorce Services:

Navigating Divorce with Compassion

Our expertise lies in providing collaborative divorce services that promote healthy communication, understanding, and resolution. Explore our comprehensive range of services tailored to make your divorce experience as smooth as possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Collaborative Divorce Consultation

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Parenting Plans and Support

  • Financial Mediation

  • Post-Divorce Transition Assistance

Collaborative Divorce in New Hampshire, USA:

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